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At Gundagai Lamb, we believe that there is a better, cleaner and fairer way to produce Aussie lamb.

We're on
a mission.

To provide all Gundagai Lamb farmers with priceless information about their flock which allows them to nurture and breed a healthier, more resilient, better tasting lamb.

  • No Sheep
  • Not Many Sheep
  • A Fair Few Sheep
  • A Lot Of Sheep

Set on the Eastern slopes of New South Wales’ Riverina region

Gundagai proves the perfect place to bring our vision to life. Its warm and temperate climate creates the perfect conditions for raising lambs, with boundless lush pastures and fresh country air for lambs to roam in freely.

Proudly founded by the Barton’s in 2020.

Gundagai Lamb is a celebration of the family’s 100+ year legacy as leaders in the Australian meat industry, and undoubtedly the shining jewel in the GMP crown.

From Farm To Future