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Precision in Practice as producers visit Gundagai Lamb

Gundagai Lamb held its first ‘Precision in Practice’ workshop with producers at their processing site, giving producers an interactive insight into the objective measuring that underpins the Gundagai Lamb brand.

Touring the various parts of the facility, producers heard directly from the processing teams providing a detailed understanding of objective carcase measurement, eating quality and contributing factors to overall quality both on farm and along the supply chain.

Gundagai Lamb’s unique technology, developed with industry and producers, allows for specific and accurate measurement of intramuscular fat and lean meat yield resulting in a better eating meat and less waste.

The visit was all part of Gundagai Lamb’s commitment to sharing insights and information with producers that will lead to better quality and more profitable production, as well as more sustainable, healthier and better eating lamb.

For more information on Gundagai Lamb’s GLQ5+ standards visit the GLQ Score page on our website.